Company Payroll Deduction Letter

March 30, 2007

ABC Company

1234 Park Dr.

Nowhere, MI  12345

Dear ___________, (Human resources director, or President)

As employee of ABC I would like to request the Hope for NKH be added to the list of charities we may contribute to from payroll deduction.

Hope for NKH is a nonprofit organizations that increases public awareness, promotes and funds research, and offers emotional support for Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia (NKH).  This is a disorder that I am well familiar with because my son suffers from this devastating condition.

Non-Ketotic Hyperglycinemia is a rare genetic condition that is often terminal.  It is classified as an inborn error of metabolism.  The most common form of NKH is neonatal, many children do not survive the first three months of life.  Those children that do survive suffer from severe mental retardation, seizures, and numerous other medical conditions due to progressive brain damage.  The bodies of children that have NKH do not have the capability to regulate the amino acid glycine.  Glycine is produced by our bodies and acts as a neurotransmitter.  Since NKH children have too much glycine it is like having too much power to a fuse and the fuse blows. That is something like what happens to their brain cells and nerve endings, glycine over excites then and they burn out. Treatments for NKH are what my son’s doctors call “band-aids” they treat the symptoms but don’t treat the actual disorder.  Currently, there is very little research on NKH or treatments for NKH done due to lack of funds.  One doctor only requires $40,000 per year to continue one of his research projects.

Hope for NKH is operated by an all-volunteer staff so very little of the funds are for administration costs.  Any donations made to Hope for NKH are tax-deductible.

NKH is a heartbreaking and devastating disorder to those who witness and live it.

Make all checks payable to:  Hope for NKH

Mailing address:  11630 Brady Rd., Chesaning, MI  48616

It would be wonderful if the ABC would also consider a contribution. Thank you time and your support for this worthy cause.




Mary Hickmott

Treasurer, Hope for NKH

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