Fundraising Letter


  1. Keep it short and sweet. Ideally your letter should be one page or less.
  2. Focus on the subject.
  3. Use different font to tell you personal story or italicize.  Use bullets to emphasize important points or choose bold print.
  4. Use Header and Footer to optimize page space, and clearly identify the organization in a professional manner.  Include the logo.
  5. Use common fonts:  Times New Roman or sans sheriff especially if you email the letter.  Some people cannot open the all fonts as you.

Start with a personal greeting

  1. Use the persons name.  Try to avoid using dear “donor”, “friend” or “neighbor” people are more likely to read through the letter if it is addressed specifically to them.

Write an interesting opening line

  1. If possible offer a compliment.
  2. Offer a personal connection with the person
  3. If more of a business atmosphere write comment about that relationship
  4. If none of these apply express thanks and offer the serious nature of the problem.

Develop the readers interest

  1. Tell them about your history of NKH
  2. Tell them how they can help
  3. Tell them what we hope to accomplish, or what we have accomplished.
  4. Be positive refrain from words like:  Never, No, and Not these can cause people to think that the cause is hopeless.

Include date for a timely response

State the specific amount or item you are requesting

Give instructions on who to make and mail the check to

  1. Include self addressed envelope if possible
  2. Include mailing address if you do not include envelopes

Thank the reader for be willing to help… assume they are contributing this emphasizes a positive attitude throughout the letter.

End the letter politely and sign it.

Preview your letter

  1. Make sure it flows without more than approx. 300 words in one paragraph.  Too much unbroken writing loses interest.
  2. Block the text so the page looks neat.

Include a PS if possible

  1. A Post Script can have a valuable impact for people who scan letters. They may actually read this first and go back up to the text after.
  2. Offer them options with the PS.  People like choices you may get less than what you wanted but at least you got something.

These are good tools and helpful hints to build your letter.  Also available are some sample letters to help you.

Most of all write a letter you feel good or that makes you feel good about what you are trying to do.  It will come across to the reader.

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