Garage Sales

How to organize a Garage Sale fundraiser:

  • Pick a date ~ Garage sales are usually held on Friday, Saturday, & Sunday. If possible try to avoid holiday weekends when people will be out of town.
  • Pick a venue ~ Hold it right in your front yard. If family and friends are helping you out, don’t be shy to ask to hold it at their house if they live in a busy area.
  • Solicit items for donation ~ Send out flyers to family and friends and distribute them in your local area 1-2 months before your date. Also make sure to clean out your own garage!
  • Promotion ~ You can advertise in your local newspapers, or you can upload your information to websites such & Search the internet for other sites. Signs, signs, signs. Place signs within your community 3-5 days prior and in the local neighborhood 1-3 days prior to the event. Remember to include the sale’s date, address, time and directions to your house – in big print!
  • Selling & charging ~ You want to try and sell a wide variety of items to appeal to a bigger audience. You want to price your items at least 1 day prior. Don’t overprice or items but leave room for negotiating.
  • Secure volunteers @ least 2 weeks prior to event. You will want at least 2 people working at all times.
  • Things needed ~ You will need price stickers, tables, paper, pens, sheets/tarps, calculator, & change. You want to have at least $100 worth of change in a locked box. You can also include a power cord incase you are selling electronics. Keeping newspaper available is also recommended for fragile items.

 [Sample Letter]

As an NKH [insert title, parent/relative, etc] I am aiming to raise money for the non profit by collecting goods from family, friends, and local residents. The money raised through donations will be helping fund research as well as getting out the word about NKH.

To raise this money I need YOUR help!

I plan to hold a MASSIVE garage sale on [Insert date] at[insert address].

On the day I will be selling all sorts of great things including:

  • Furniture
  • Books
  • Second hand clothing
  • DVDs
  • CDs
  • Art
  • Plants
  • Other

I am seeking the support of family, friends, & local residents like you who would be willing to donate any items for the garage sale. I would be happy to collect items from you or schedule a time when they can be dropped off at [insert location]. I would also encourage you to come along with your friends and family on the day to see if you can pick up a bargain and support Hope for NKH!

To donate items to the garage sale, please call me [insert your name] on [insert your phone number]. For more details about the work of Hope for NKH please visit [insert website].

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

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