Phone Raiser

Phoneraiser How To:

Create a plan ~ The person or the team in charge of the Phoneraiser needs to make some decisions, including the following:

  • Determine what you will collect. For Hope for NKH we will be collecting both cell phones and ink jet cartridges
  • Determine the time frame for your Phoneraiser: We would like to run the campaign for at least 6 weeks, but our account with Phoneraiser is open indefinitely
  • Set a goal: We want to set our sights high but achievable. Each member can set their own goal in terms of the number of phones or dollars they want to raise. Choose a goal and advertise it for all to see. It is a good idea to set a goal for each person helping you.
  • Make an advertising plan: Determine what groups of donors you wish to approach and determine the best way to address them – by letter, neighborhood door drops, email, through their children, in combination with some other event, etc.
  • Print copies of the Tax Deductible Donation Receipts.There is a template on the Phoneraiser web site. Make lots of copies so your team can hand a receipt to every person who gives you an item to donate.


Train your team ~ Explain the who, what, when, where, & whys of the Phoneraiser drive.

  • Who will be collecting the items
  • What you are collecting
  • When you will be collecting it
  • Where the items will be collected
  • Why you are holding this fundraiser

Advertise ~

  • Post flyers at your local business, your school and your church. Have parents hang a flyer at their office.
  • Hand out letters to friends, classmates and neighbors.
  • Send emails to your friends and family. Have your parents email everyone at work and set up a“drop off box” at their office.
  • Issue a press release to all local newspapers that explains your Phoneraiser.
  • Advertise your Phoneraiser on local radio stations.
  • Partner with local businesses. Set up drop off boxes at local businesses, churches and schools. A restaurant or video store may agree to give coupons to everyone who donates a phone.
  • Have parents ask their employers if the company has any used cell phones to donate. Make sure you tell them about the tax write-off.
  • There are free customizable templates and additional helpful information on For helpful templates click on resources on the main webpage.

Collect the cell phones & ink cartridges ~

  • You should start your advertising campaign a couple of weeks before you begin gathering phones.
  • Compete. Have a competition between friends, family, co-workers, etc. Give a reward to those that collect the most phones and inkjet cartridges.
  • If you are involved in a school, church, or other group you should ask them if they mind keeping a box in a central location.
  • It’s easy! Use an old shoebox, cut a hole in the top, and wrap it with some eye catching wrapping paper.
  • Regularly check any drop off boxes that you have set up around town.
  • Have your group members go door to door. Break the group up into pairs and assign them certain streets or neighborhoods on a Saturday. The average home has 3 cell phones collecting dust in drawers, closets, or toy boxes. When your team members go door to door, they make it easier for people because they don’t have to remember to bring their phone to a certain drop off location.

Send in phones & ink cartridges ~

You can contact our Phoneraiser representative by email @ or by phone @ 1-800-873-8908. A shipping label will be emailed to you within 48 hours. The label will be good for 30 days. The label doesn’t have a weight limit so you can put as many items in a box as you can collect. When requesting shipping labels be sure to include your full name, our organization name, mailing address and phone number in the email or phone conversation.

When your shipment is ready:

  • Place all the cell phones in any cardboard box you can find. You do not have to keep track of anything. Phoneraiser will count and sort the phones by model.
  • If you have any empty inkjet cartridges, place them in a plastic sack so they don’t leak ink onto the phones. Then place the sack in the box with the cell phones.
  • Stuff the box with packing material (bubble wrap or newspaper) to protect the phones during shipment. Then completely seal the boxes with heavy duty tape.
  • Complete the FROM section of each label (one for each box).
  • Stick a FedEx shipping label to each box.
  • For a record of the shipment, keep the top left tag. It is labeled Shipper Receipt. The number on that tag is your tracking number. Have your boxes picked up by FedEx for free by calling (888) 777-6040 (have your label ready when you call), OR drop off your boxes at the nearest FedEx drop off location. To find the nearest drop-off location, log on to or call (800) 463-3339.

Begin gathering cell phones and inkjet cartridges again. Phoneraiser is a year-round program. There is no deadline and no limit to what you can achieve. There are over 500 million retired cell phones in the junk drawers of America and each year an additional 130 million phones become inoperable or retired. Phoneraiser is an environmentally responsible way to raise funds for your organization. Every year millions of pounds of cell phones are placed in landfills. Cell Phones are potentially harmful because they contain a large number of hazardous toxins that can pollute the air when burned in incinerators and leach into soil and groundwater when buried in landfills. ONE CELL PHONE CAN POLLUTE UP TO 132,000 LITERS OF WATER.

If you have any questions please contact Sarah Harris @ 253-875-2319 or 253-219-7535

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